Mustafa El-Labbad


Director of Al Sharq Centre for Regional and Strategic Studies,Cairo, Egypt


A Real Opportunity to End the Conflict in Syria
The new ceasefire in Syria, negotiated by Russia, Turkey and Iran, is a real opportunity to end the conflict although difficulties regarding the enforcement of the ceasefire could arise as terrorist
Turkey: the Failed Coup d’Etat And Its Consequences
Turkey went to be the focus of events globally since the failed coup d’etat on July 15, 2016. Turkey will not be the same after that date. Heavy consequences are expected to be seen domestically and
What Erdogan Should Do After Failed Coup
Despite failure of the military coup, Turkey remains a deeply divided country and bringing back unity must become president Erdogan’s top priority, Valdai Club experts believe.
Russia Between Israel and Iran
There are no zero-sum games or ideological motivated polarization in Russian policy in the Middle East. There are well calculated moves.
Erdogan: A Despot on a Historic Mission
Erdogan is going forward with his plans to change the political system in Turkey. He already has absolute power over the ruling party. He is also trying to change the composition of the Turkish
USA-Saudi Arabia: Crisis? What Crisis?
While there is a more than fifty percent chance that the bill allowing US citizens to sue Saudi Arabia for al-Qaeda-relating damages will be passed into law, it may not be as simple for Saudi Arabia
Egypt and Saudi Arabia: Unfair Agreement and Shaky Legitimacy
The “Maritime Delimitation” agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which moved whereby the two islands of Tiran and Sanafir in the Red Sea from Egypt’s to Saudi Arabia's territorial waters,
Obama’s Revelation About His ‘Worst Mistake’ Unlikely to Change Libyans’ Fates
Last Sunday, US President Barack Obama said he believed the worst mistake of his presidency was a lack of strategic planning in Libya following the 2011 toppling of Moammar Gaddafi. "Probably
Collapse of Turkish-Saudi Strategic Alliance
The Russian intervention in Syria played a significant role in the collapse of the “Turkish-Saudi Alliance”. Saudi Arabia would engage more in rapprochement with Russia to explore ways for eventual
Resumption of Flights Between Russia and Egypt Would Be ‘Biggest Punishment’ for…
During his visit to Moscow, the Egyptian foreign minister told Russian officials that Cairo had implemented all of Russia recommendations to improve security in its airports after terrorists downed a
Who Stands to Lose From the Syrian Ceasefire?
Saudi Arabia has demonstrated its dissatisfaction with the Russian-American deal on ceasefire in Syria, the Valdai Club experts believe.
Iran Elections: What Development Model to Choose
Next elections in Iran do not seem to be a way to redistribute the roles within the system but rather a conflict between the two wings of the system on the priorities and values of the future.


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