Georgy Toloraya

Russian Federation

Director, Center for Asian Strategy at the Institute of Economics,Russian Academy of  Sciences; Professor, MGIMO University; Chair of Regional Programs, Russky Mir Foundation; Executive Director, Russian National Committee on BRICS Research.


Changes in the South Korean Political Landscape after the Presidential Election
South Korean society will be different. The ruling party has been discredited, and the political landscape will start to change in the next election that will likely bring the opposition to power.

Georgy Toloraya
If the USSR Had Not Collapsed ... Views from Russia and China
Previously between the two "poles", the USSR and the USA, there was an entire structure of agreements and arrangements governing their relationship. And the world would be more stable,
Deployment of US Missile Defense System in South Korea Revives Ghosts of the…
The deployment of US THAAD anti-missile system in South Korea will increase tension in the region, and also causes the danger of a new bloc confrontation in North-East Asia, said Georgy Toloraya,

Georgy Toloraya
South Korea Elections: Spoiler Democracy or an Alternative Political Course?
The Minjoo, an opposition democratic party, has won the parliamentary majority as a result of the South Korean elections for the first time in 16 years.
Security Situation in Northeast Asia: A Case Study of the Korean Problem
The Korean Peninsula remains the most troublesome knot, where Russia is an important stakeholder.  Russia’s interests here have bilateral, regional and global dimensions.  There is

Georgy Toloraya