Reinhard Krumm


Head, Regional Office for Cooperation and Peace in Europe (Vienna), Friedrich Ebert Foundation 

Dr. Reinhard Krumm got his MA in Russian History from the University of Hamburg (1989), and his PhD from Regensburg University (2003), where he is a lecturer on Russian History since 2007. He holds an honoree professorship from the department of Political Science at Moscow State University. He worked as a journalist in the former Soviet Union (1991–1998), being the Moscow correspondent of Der Spiegel magazine (1996–1998). He then joined the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, serving as the Head of the Regional Central Asian office in Tashkent/Uzbekistan (2003–2007), as the Head of the Russian office in Moscow (2007–2012) and as the Head of the Department of Central and Eastern Europe, Berlin (2012–2016). His latest publication is Europe´s Security Governance and Transatlantic Relations.


Reaching out to “America First”
There are no grand deals on trade or security issues on the horizon in international politics at the moment. It is more about managing the status quo and solving acute crises. This was precisely the

Reinhard Krumm
Towards ‘Grand Coalition’: How the Agenda of German Social Democrats Has Evolved
The future of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) depends on the coalition with Christian Democrats. But it is no less important for the political future of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Reinhard Krumm
Probability Above Zero: What Can Be Expected from New German Elections?
According to polls, about 47% of German citizens are in favor to hold new elections. However, if they were held today, we would not see big changes, Valdai Club experts say.
Elections in Germany: Waiting for a Six-Party Bundestag
We can expect some changes in foreign policy, in particular, regarding Russia. But this is very difficult to predict, because the Chancellor Merkel keeps the leading course.

Reinhard Krumm
How Will EU Respond to Possible Damage from US Sanctions Against Russia?
New US sanctions against Russia irritate the EU, as they in fact represent interference with the European energy policy, Valdai Club experts Reinhard Krumm and Gerhard Mangott say. But don’t expect
Putin-Merkel Talks in Sochi: Status Quo Is the Best Option
For German politics, it is very important now to let Russia know that the current status quo is the best option. Including Ukraine, despite the complexity of the situation there. So far it will not be

Reinhard Krumm
Europe’s Security Governance and Transatlantic Relations
If one agrees that the Ukraine crisis is only the symptom, not the cause, of the cur­rent crisis in EU-Russian relations, a comprehensive rethinking of security in Europe between the EU and Russia is

Reinhard Krumm
Donald Trump’s Victory Gives Russian-US Relations a Chance
Donald Trump’s unexpected victory has upended the US political system and its repercussions will be far-reaching. The White House and both houses of Congress are now in Republican hands, which means
A Euro-Optimist’s View of Brexit
Looking at the Brexit issue optimistically, Reinhard Krumm, Head of the Central and Eastern Europe Department at the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, told that the referendum should push the

Reinhard Krumm