Andrey Kortunov

Russian Federation

Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC)

He was Deputy Director of the Institute for US and Canadian Studies. Founder and first president of the Moscow Public Science Foundation. Taught Russian foreign policy at the University of Miami (USA), and at the Lewis & Clark College in Portland (University of California).

He was elected Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council, non-profit partnership established by order of the President of the Russian Federation (2011).

Academic focus: international relations, foreign and domestic policy of Russia and Russian-American relations.

Author of over 120 publications dedicated to the analysis of Soviet/Russian-American relations, global security, and the foreign and domestic policy of the USSR and Russia.


Trump-Putin Summit: Who Is in a Fit State?
The meeting of the Russian and American presidents in Helsinki became a hit of the summer political season, overshadowing even the recent US-North Korean summit. The first full-fledged round of

Andrey Kortunov
The Time for a Putin-Trump Summit Has Come. What Makes This Summer Special?
During the visit of US National Security Advisor John Bolton to Moscow this week, an agreement was reached to hold a summit meeting of the two countries’ leaders in Helsinki on July 16. The Russian

Andrey Kortunov
The Day the United Nations Ceased to Exist
Tensions in Syria continued to escalate throughout 2019. Hostilities were stepped up again throughout the country and the conflict’s total toll approached a million. A new wave of Syrian refugees

Andrey Kortunov
Russian Approaches to the United States: Algorithm Change Is Overdue
The usual “top-down” algorithm of Russian-American relations will not work under Trump. Hence, it is necessary to change drastically the algorithm – to start building relationships on the “bottom-up”

Andrey Kortunov
From Astana to Geneva with a Stop in Sochi?
The issues of the Syrian crisis settlement are discussed today at two main venues - in Astana and in Geneva. The two negotiating processes are designed to complement each other - in Astana there is a

Andrey Kortunov
False Conflict: Universalism and Identity
The conflict of universalism and identity seems fictitious, if we understand by universalism a certain set of common (universal) laws, rules, hierarchies and models of interaction of

Andrey Kortunov
Globalists on Defense and Nationalists on Offense at G20
Each of the annual G20 summits is unique in its own way. Each summit registers in various forms the current alignment of forces in the world and the level of consensus between the leading players on

Andrey Kortunov
Russia’s New Foreign Policy Concept: We Need Friends, Not Enemies
“Unlike some of our colleagues abroad, who consider Russia an adversary, we do not seek and never have sought enemies. We need friends. But we will not allow our interests to be infringed upon or
Victory of Popular Uprising Over National Establishment
A request for changes turned out to be stronger than the habit of stability, and the extravagant billionaire became closer and more understandable to the ordinary voters than the experienced and

Andrey Kortunov
Russia Bids Farewell to Obama: A Message to the New US President
The disruption of Russian-US cooperation does not mean that in choosing between Moscow and ISIS the US is siding with the terrorists. However, the refusal to cooperate with Russia is indicative: the

Andrey Kortunov
We Are Still Too Divided to Move Forward
Russia is demonstrating a trend towards isolationism, albeit not all along the line and not all the time. Despite our growing dependence on the outside world, we understand it less and less. The most

Andrey Kortunov
Expansion Prospects for the Common Economic Space
The Common Economic Space of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which enables the free movement of goods, services, capital and workforce, was launched on January 1, 2012. This creates a new reality in

Andrey Kortunov


Andrei Kortunov on Why Russia Could Play a Unique Role in Resolving…
Andrei Kortunov, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council, talks about the Valdai Club’s Middle East conference, and why Russia could play a unique role in resolving the



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