Vladimir Avatkov

Russian Federation

Senior Lecturer at Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

He is well-known Turkologist.


Results of the Referendum in Turkey: The Country Becomes Less Predictable
The gap in the votes in the Turkish referendum about constitutional amendments was minimal: 51.2% for and 48.8% against. On the one hand, it gave the president of the country Recep Tayyip

Vladimir Avatkov
Valdai Paper #65: Defense Through Leadership: Turkey on the Eve of Its…
The April 16 referendum will focus on power distribution rather than institution building. In other words, the organizers saw it as an opportunity to expand the President’s powers and allow him to

Vladimir Avatkov
Turkey in The Face of Choice
People are ready to support Erdogan's course, but they are not going to vote for him based on his personal qualities – they would rather support institutional transformations that could influence

Vladimir Avatkov