Ana Teresa Gutiérrez del Cid


Professor, Department of Culture and Politics, Metropolitan Autonomous University, Xochimilco Campus , Mexico-city.


Hasta Siempre Comandante
Countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, with their larger economies, territories and populations, never managed to exert such gravitation in world affairs. But Cuba had Fidel… The last great leader
Referendum in Colombia: Uncertain Future
President Juan Manuel Santos received the Nobel Peace Prize for his hard work in the peace process for Colombia, however FARC leader Rodrigo Londoño, alias Timoshenko, did not get the Prize because it
Fidel Castro's Legacy
In Latin America there are two contrasting countries, both are islands: Haiti and Cuba. While Haiti is the poorest country in the region with a high degree of illiteracy, political violence,
Obama's Visit to Cuba
Obama is not interested in lifting the blockade from the Cuban public sector, because this would strengthen the Cuban socialist project, and the United States doesn’t want anything in Cuba that is
The US-Cuba Convergence: What Are the Expectations?
The US approach should be understood under the Obama doctrine of "smart power." The indiscriminate use of hard power between 1960-2014, through military threats and pressure, did not yield
Valdai Club Experts Discuss Russian-Venezuelan Relations After Chavez
Russia’s positions in Venezuela will weaken in the long term, but considering that energy and arms cooperation will benefit both Russia and Venezuela, it will continue in the next few years. Even if
Russian Factor in Latin America
Through increasing the level of its cooperation with Brazil and other Latin American countries Russia and China are trying to strengthen their geopolitical influence and presence in this region at a