Valery Fyodorov

Russian Federation

Director General of the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) 

Holds a PhD in Political Science from Lomonosov Moscow State University (2008) with an emphasis on History and Theory of Political Science. 

Worked in the Institute of Mass Political Movements at the Russian-American University (1991–1993), the Centre for Political Trends (1993–2003), Institute of Social and Political Research of the Russian Academy of Science (ISPI RAN) (1997–2003), Centre for Social Information ISPI RAN (2003–2006).

He also heads VCIOM’s Expert Council. Member of VCIOM Board of Directors since 2006.
Chief Editor of the "Monitoring. Social and Economic Changes" scientific journal since 2003.


Future Preparedness Index: Innovative Project of the Valdai Discussion Club and…
"Future Preparedness Index" is a joint project of the Valdai Discussion Club and VTsIOM, designed not to analyze the current state of affairs but the future, and this is its uniqueness and

Valery Fyodorov
Russia’s Middle Class Still Lacks Political Power
The Russian middle class depends on the government rather than the private sector. It has yet to organize itself.

Valery Fyodorov
Valdai Club members: Value system in Russia should focus on the future
According to experts of the Valdai International Discussion Club, Russia is going through a transition period and needs a new value system that reflects the great Russian culture of the past, while
Russian Identity and the Challenges of the Time
The collapse of the Soviet Union was caused among other things by an awakening of Russian national identity. However, the new state, the Russian Federation, found itself facing the problem of whether

Valery Fyodorov