Keith Darden

United States

Associate Professor, School of International Service, American University in Washington, DC.

Previous positions: Associate Professor at Yale-NUS College; Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science at Yale University (for eleven years); Fellow of the Harvard Academy at Harvard University.

Research interests: nationalism, state-building, and the politics of Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia.

Selected publications: Resisting Occupation in Eurasia: Mass Schooling and the Formation of Durable National Loyalties (forthcoming from Cambridge University Press); Economic Liberalism and Its Rivals: The Formation of International Institutions Among the Post-Soviet States (2009). He has contributed articles on the crisis in Ukraine for Foreign Affairs, The New York Times, and Russia in Global Affairs.


Russian-American Relations: Exaggerated Threats
In the current environment of Russian-American relations, several different types of threats are being conflated and exaggerated.  There is the threat of interference in each others domestic

Keith Darden
Would the US South Kill Hopes for Trump and Sanders?
Sanders’ socialist message carries a limited appeal in the conservative U.S. South, where Hillary Clinton is well-organized. As for Trump, his lack of religious piety would damage his appeal.

Keith Darden


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