Giulietto Chiesa


Professional journalist; former Member of the European parliament (2004-2009).

Previous positions: correspondent in Moscow for “L’Unita” newspaper, of the Communist Party of Italy (1980 -1989); special correspondent and political analyst in Moscow for the Italian newspaper “La Stampa” (1990-2000). Founded the “Megachip-Democracy in Communication” association (2000), independent web-TV channel (2009).

Author of a dozen books on the Soviet Union and Russia, five of them translated and published in Russia, beginning from “Farewell Russia”(1997);“Transition to Democracy”(co-author).


The Russian Opposition Needs Institutional Representation
The authorities are adapting to the new reality. Putin is a man of his time, just like Mikhail Gorbachev was a man of his time. Gorbachev is often unfairly criticized for not being able to foresee all

Giulietto Chiesa