Nikolai Bordyuzha

Russian Federation

Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Participant of European Section Conference “Towards a New Euroatlantic Security Architecture?”, 2009.

Participant of Russian-Chinese Section Conference “Russia and China in a new international environment”, 2010.

Participant of European Section Conference “Central Asia and Afghanistan: Problems and Solutions”, 2010.


CSTO Looks to the Future
The official gave insight into the results of the sessions of the charter-based bodies of the Organization held in Dushanbe in May-June and the surprise combat readiness checks in the CSTO Collective
The Myths and Reality of Color Revolutions
There is great danger that external forces are increasingly interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign states with the aim of changing these states’ course to suit their own interests. Color
CSTO is a Self-Sufficient Organization with Significant Capabilities
The peacekeeping forces from CSTO member states have become an important force for maintaining collective international security. Its plans include establishing a working relationship with
CSTO's Role in Strengthening Regional Security
CSTO has the necessary military power to deal with present geopolitical threats. The Collective Rapid Reaction Force (CRRF) and its peacekeeping contingent, together with East European and


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