Andrei Baklanov

Russian Federation

Head of the International Affairs Department of the Federation Council of the Russian Federal Assembly.

Participant of Middle East Section Conference “Middle East 2020: Can a Comprehensive Peace be Achieved”, 2009.

Participant of Middle East Section Conference “Scenarios and Models of the Middle East Settlement”, 2010.


Russia-Iran Relations: We Must Shift the Focus Away From Oil
If we consider the scale of global economy and energy, including deliveries, we’ll see that Iran’s share in global oil production is quite moderate at 1 or 2 percent of the total.

Andrei Baklanov
Interested Countries Must Unite to Balance the Oil Price Level
The arrangement between Saudi Arabia and Russia to freeze the volume of oil production at the level of January, 2016 can improve the situation in the oil market and strengthen the price policy.

Andrei Baklanov
Who Stands to Lose From the Syrian Ceasefire?
Saudi Arabia has demonstrated its dissatisfaction with the Russian-American deal on ceasefire in Syria, the Valdai Club experts believe.
Syria: Four Years of War and the Situation in the Region
The results of the last four years have been tragic for Syria: tens of thousands have been killed and wounded, over two million made refugees, many cities brought to ruins, and the country is still in

Andrei Baklanov
US Intervention and Aggravated Situation in the Arab World
The risk of the Islamic State’s ideology spreading across Russia and the CIS is very high. Exporting radical Islamic ideology and armed groups to Central Asia will cause serious destabilization in the
Geneva III: Dark Prospects?
Legitimizing al-Assad’s government can improve the situation in the areas controlled by the government and send a positive signal to other Syrian regions that are tired of war. The positions of Russia

Andrei Baklanov
Russia-Egypt: A Well-Balanced Cooperation Policy
The West traditionally views any progress in relations between Arab countries and Moscow as an inroad against the Western interests. The decision by the new Egyptian leaders to send the Egyptian

Andrei Baklanov
Will Geneva 2 Bring Peace to Syria?
The current developments in Syria are directly related to the broader processes at work in the Arab Spring, which largely explains the alignment of forces on the eve of Geneva 2. Islamists have

Andrei Baklanov
Syria as a Terrorism Hub: Potential Threats to Russia
The Chechen conflict, which began as a liberation movement, ended in the formation of a vast terrorist network and the proclamation of an Imamate in the Caucasus. The situation in Syria is following
Syrian Opposition Leaders in Moscow: Growing Role of Russian Diplomacy
Contact between Russian representatives and foreign opposition leaders aims to help conflicting sides find a mutually acceptable compromise. The Syrian institutes of power that were created several

Andrei Baklanov
Dmitry Medvedev’s Three Years in Office: Achievements, Results and Influence
Three years ago, in early May, Dmitry Medvedev took his oath of office, becoming the third president of the Russian Federation. The Valdai International Discussion Club asked some of its members to


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