Oksana Antonenko

United Kingdom

Senior Political Counsellor at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development responsible for providing assessments of political developments in Russia, Turkey, Armenia, Slovakia and Hungary (since 2011).

Degrees from Harvard University Kennedy School of Government and from Moscow State University.

Previous positions: Senior Fellow, Director, Programs for Russia and Eurasia, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), London (1996–2011).

Research interests: domestic political evolutions, security challenges and foreign policy issues in Eurasia.

She published extensively on regional topics including Russia’s relations with the EU and NATO, arms control issues, protracted conflicts in the South Caucasus, and regional cooperation in the Black Sea area.


Putin Proposes Holding Tenth Valdai Club Conference in a Festive Atmosphere
President Vladimir Putin believes that the tenth annual conference of the Valdai Club will he held in a special format and will include discussions of a wide range of current issues

Oksana Antonenko