Alikber Alikberov

Russian Federation

Head of the Centre for Central Asian, Caucasian and Volga-Urals Studies in the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (since 2009).

 Previous positions: researcher, Oriental Studies Department of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography, Makhachkala (1992); senior fellow, Middle East Studies Department, Institute of Oriental Studies, St. Petersburg Branch (1993-1999) and Centre for Arab Studies, Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow (since 1999). Research interests: Classical issues : source studies and historiography of Islam in 7-14th centuries; Islamic Studies; history of Islam; Medieval Arabic Epigraphy and Paleography; Muslim manuscript tradition in the Caucasus; history of the Caucasus in the 7-13th centuries. Contemporary issues : modern ethno-political and religious processes in Central Asia and the Caucasus, political Islam.


Centuries of Unique Interethnic Cooperation is Russia’s Greatest Asset
The question of why some everyday brawls take on the aspect of ethnic conflicts in Russia is much more vital. Thus, a conflict between people of the same nationality is an everyday brawl, but a clash
Traditional and Political Islam in Russia: One Against Another
Islam in Russia split into two hostile camps. On one side, traditional Islam in Russia represents specific regional forms of Sufism, so-called “popular” Islam, which is in opposition to “pure” Islam,