Alexander Aksenyonok

Russian Federation

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Deputy Chairman of the Board, Association of Russian Diplomats.

Participant of Middle East Section Conference “Scenarios and Models of the Middle East Settlement”, 2010.


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On May 8, 2018, Donald Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal. Simultaneously the Iran-Israel conflict began to escalate: on May 10, Israel conducted a missile strikes
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A provisional constitution might have its benefits, but it can also distort the legal framework in the absence of stability guarantees. What is the balance that could help Syria resume stable
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Time will show whether a broad dialogue is possible between the US and Russia about Syria’s political future after the ISIS defeat and how to bring the Syrians themselves to real national
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We have a situation in which Russia, the United States and regional players understand that they need to adjust their approaches.
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Russian military group’s withdrawal doesn’t mean Russia is leaving Syria altogether.
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Over the past four months, intensive airstrikes by Russia have significantly stabilized the situation in the most vulnerable areas. The threat of the fall of the Syrian regime and the imminent rise to
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Last Wednesday, Syria peace talks in Geneva were suspended just days after they began. Although the peace process is under attack from many sides, Staffan de Mistura, UN Special Envoy for Syria, said
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The entire course of post-revolutionary upheavals in the Middle East shows that it is hardly possible to break the vicious circle of violence and terror, fratricidal civil wars and destruction of
Syria's Problems Should Not Affect Russia's Relationship With the West
The Syrian problem cannot be confined to regional boundaries, because it has highlighted a number of global issues, above all the question that should be raised at multilateral meetings: “Is it
Russia Mediates Between Syria and the West
Considering its special geopolitical location in the region and fragile interreligious balance, if Syria does not begin a national dialogue without foreign interference, these consequences will affect