Pami Aalto


Professor and Director, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on European Politics and European-Russian Relations, University of Tampere, Finland; Team Leader, Diversification of the Economy research cluster, Centre of Excellence on Choices of Russian Modernization, Academy of Finland.

Previous positions: Research Fellow, Aleksanteri Institute, Finnish Centre for Russian and East European Studies (2005-2007).

Research interests: Northern Europe, Russia, EU-Russia relations, energy policy, EU foreign policy, geopolitics, international society, interdisciplinary studies, methodology.

Selected publications: Russia’s Energy Policies: National, Interregional and Global Levels (2012); Global and Regional Problems: towards Interdisciplinary Study (2012); International Studies: Interdisciplinary Approaches (2011); The New Northern Dimension of European Neighbourhood (2008); The EU - Russia Energy Dialogue: Europe’s Future Energy Security (2007).


Parliamentary Elections in Finland: The Already Started Strategic Re-Orientation…
The win of the Centre Party in Finland’s recent parliamentary elections (49/200 seats) should not result in major changes in Finland’s foreign policy. However, the new strategic planning,

Pami Aalto
Major Environmental Challenges for Russia
Climate change, permafrost melting will affect energy installations in the northern areas of Russia. The Arctic oil could cause tremendous environmental disaster, in terms of oil leakages, in the

Pami Aalto