Valdai Paper #3: Middle East crisis: Foreign Interference and an Orgy of Extremism


The third Valdai Paper aims to analyze one of the most prominent global security threats nowadays, which is the aggravation of the situation in the Middle East and the flourishing Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (also referred to as Islamic State of Iraq and Levant). The author researches the background that led to the current crisis and examines the positions of the main international actors. In particular, much attention is paid to Turkey, which is due to its geopolitical position directly involved in the conflict.

The author of the brief is Vitaly Naumkin, Director, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) (since 2009); Professor; Corresponding Member, RAS; Editor-in-chief, “Vostok (Oriens)” journal (since 1998); Member, Science Council, Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian Security Council; President, Center for Strategic and Political Studies (since 1991); Goodwill Ambassador for the Alliance of Civilizations by the UN Secretary General (since 2007).

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