Valdai Paper #21: The Social Roots of Islamist Militancy in the West


The 21th Valdai paper is devoted to considering of the social roots of Islamist militancy in the West.

European Muslims are increasingly joining the ranks of the jihadists. The amount of the terrorist acts made by them is increasing. Upon the author`s view islamophobia and racism are the reasons for Islamist militancy activation in the Western countries. It can be proved with the list of ethnic minorities who were radicalized because they were victimized or believed they were victimized by majority groups or authorities. According to the author, the best way for implementing any policies to tackle Islamist militancy in the West could be close contacts with the Muslim communities and their leadership, promoting of inter-religious dialogue and enforcing the legislation and non-discrimination.

The author of the article is Emmanuel Karagiannis, Senior Lecturer, Department of Defenсe Studies, King's College London; Research Affiliate, National Consortium for the Studies of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, University of Maryland.

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