Valdai Paper #79: Alt-Right: A Rise of Radical Alternative Rightist Movements in the Trumpist Framework


Alt-Right incarnation of the right-wing ideology presents a dubious and quite self-contradictive concept. What is more important is that it clearly illustrates the massive ideological and political transformation that alters the political balance in the Western countries.

The world is changing – that simple fact has been made clear by changes the world has faced with in recent years such as Trump’s rise to power. In addition to this, it indicates that the neoliberal consensus, which used to be powerful and stable, comes to an end. 

Economic crisis with no end in sight, political leaders and parties unwilling to undertake substantial reforms, artificially imposed rules and norms – these make people seek an alternative.

Beyond dispute, the Alt-Right is an increasingly polarised movement and with no political philosophy or concept behind. However, it unites people who are not fine with the current state of affairs and place their hopes and beliefs into the Alt-Right. 

This, in turn, makes the authors sure that the above-mentioned phenomenon is just the beginning of the massive transformation, which requires to be investigated.

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