Valdai Paper #31: Another History (Story) of Latin America

The author of the Valdai paper, Telma Luzzani, argentine journalist, writer, anchor of “Vision 7 Internacional”, focuses on the influence of the so-called "Left turn" in politics of several Latin American countries in their foreign policy strategy. He analyzes the reasons why Latin America, which for a long time was a battlefield of different neoliberal experiments conducts now a new strategy based on the intended alternative to the neo-liberal mainstream.

The Paper contains a comparative analysis of foreign and economic policies of the key "Left turn" countries: Venezuela, Bolivia, and Brazil. There is also a comparison of their model with the strategy of Cuba. Special attention is paid to the visible and invisible role of the USA in the region and the attempts of the "Left turn" countries to get rid of the dominant US control over their politics and economy.

The Paper provides a deep analysis of the "Left turn" political practice in Latin America, and is an interesting example of the practical implementation of alternative models to the liberal mainstream, previously discussed only in theory.

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