Valdai Paper #29: Mafia: The State and the Capitalist Economy. Competition or Convergence?

Basing on the Italian example, the author establishes that the modern world produces an absolutely new type of criminal communities, the Systemic Mafia Model. Mafia relies on resources of the state and the capitalist economy, reserving the right for violence. At the same time, the state's victory over mafia is an issue first and foremost tied to the potential of the state. The Italian experience demonstrates that the state, as the main target of mafia, is the only institution capable of gaining the upper hand over it.

The author draws a conclusion that mafia, which was originally looked upon as a competitor to the state, may as well transform into a factor of the world order in the future. Such prospects are at odds with the interests of the state as a political institution and would have to be confronted.

Author of the Paper:

Antonio De Bonis, expert on terrorist organizations and mafia-type organized crime, founder of GEOCRIME, a Rome-based organization conducting research on criminal phenomena.

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