Report: Toward the Great Ocean – 3: Creating Central Eurasia


The Valdai Club's Report "Toward the Great Ocean – 3: Creating Central Eurasia" analyzes the prospects for Russia’s participation in the PRC Silk Road Economic Belt initiative that aims to establish the network of land and sea routes that will link the western regions of China with the main markets of Central Asia and Europe. China plans to invest 40 billion US dollars in this project. The main cargo flow routes are expected to pass through the territories of Kazakhstan and Russia.

The Silk Road Economic Belt project and the Eurasian Economic Union led by Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus can become the main driving forces transforming Central Eurasia into a zone of joint development.

The Silk Road Economic Belt is not just a transit and transportation project, it is a complex plan of economic development of a whole set of states, which includes numerous projects for development of infrastructure, industry, trade and services. In 2015, we can mark the coming of the "Central Eurasia moment", a unique turn of political and economic events enabling realization of the potential of cooperation and joint development of the region's states.

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