Report: The European Union’s Uncertain Future: What Should Russia Do?


The best word to describe current state of affairs in Europe is uncertainty. A number of crises, which the EU has faced with in recent years, lead to the inevitable inner transformation of the Union rather than disintegration. Nonetheless, even such circumstances open up new opportunities for Russian-EU relations.

Europe remains of high importance for Russia, despite shifting focus towards Eurasia. Moreover, Russia is interested in an economically stronger and less politicised Union so that to interact on the basis of pragmatism.

Practical projects and EU-EAEU dialogue could be a key to increased cooperation in current conditions.

Return to a more technocratic approach instead of politicization largely corresponds to the EU’s interests and may be a common ground for problem-solving inside the Union.

What are the roots of the EU’s crisis? How should Russia react to the EU’s problems in such situation? This report prepared by the leading experts of Valdai Discussion Club is responding to these questions.

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