Donald Trump Becomes President of Divided America

Having needed to win 270 electoral votes, Donald Trump became the US president-elect. According to Pavel Sharikov, Director of the Center for Applied Research of the Institute of USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences, his victory is largely the result of the protest vote, and Trump will face a difficult period of agreements and compromises.

Trump wins by a small overall margin - 48% of the votes against 47% for Hillary Clinton. "Given that none of the candidates did not have the prevailing popularity, we can say that the majority of voters did not vote in favor of someone, but against another candidate," – Sharikov said in an interview to

"Now a very interesting time begins. Until January, before the inauguration, Democratic and (primarily) Republican politicians will configure their attitude to Trump, "- the expert said. "We need to see who among the Republicans will say words in support of Donald Trump or against him. And there are various guesses whom Trump will invite to his administration."

Trump's main problem during the election campaign was his opposition to the Republican establishment. Trump clashed sharply with the elite and the conflict was brewing, which had a negative impact on his popularity.

An important step towards reconciliation with the establishment was the appointment of Michael Pence as a candidate for vice-president. "It happened a few months ago and meant that Trump became more "normal", that is, he tried to get closer to the elite. Sure enough, on his own terms, of course, taking into account all his populist views, and so on, but he took a step toward the Republican establishment. And Michael Pence as vice-president is a very good choice for Trump, "- Sharikov said.

"Indicative is his victory in Ohio, because in that state during the primaries he competed with [State Governor] John Kasich, who never expressed his attitude toward Trump. There was a tacit agreement: he did not express negatively, but also did not provide a bright support. But the fact is that Trump has won in Ohio, and it means that Kasich played a role here. Because if Kasich set a goal not to allow Trump to win in Ohio, he would succeed ", - the expert said.

As to the elections in Congress, the Republicans retain majority in the upper and lower chambers. "Again, there is absolutely unprecedented situation when the Republicans control both branches of government: executive and legislative – Sharikov said. - However, many Republicans cannot support Trump as president. Therefore, a system of checks and balances would work between the Republicans."

"In my view, there is a kind of evolution of the American political system. A lot of factors affect this: social and demographic, economic and, of course, the international influence is strongly felt", - the expert concluded.

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