Can Media Help Russia and China Fight Trump’s Tough Policies?


In an interview with, Yu Yunquan, Vice President of the Beijing-based Academy of Contemporary China and the External World, discussed the most acute challenges Chinese and Russian media face in connection with Donald Trump’s tough policies, and the ways to confront them. 

“Russia and China face a common task in the field of media, as we simultaneously became opponents of the United States. We need to deepen cooperation and take countermeasures against America,” the expert said in an interview with on the sidelines of the Valdai Club’s Russian-Chinese conference in Shanghai. 

Yu Yunquan noted that for China the most important thing is to bring the truth to the world about to the country. “Other countries, including ordinary people in the United States, should understand China, get to know China.” 

“As a media worker, I’m very interested in the work of the Valdai Club. This is a good format for cooperation, for dialogue. We need to learn,” Yu Yunquan stressed. 

The participants in the fifth session of the Valdai Club conference also discussed how to establish information channels between Russia and China. The experts noted that the modern media space now belongs to the Anglo-Saxon discourse. The Chinese media often do not have the opportunity to receive information about Russia from independent sources. As a result, Chinese and Russian society fell into the trap of Western media. Of course, strong ties have been established between Russia and China in the field of information exchange at the state level. However, this information seldom goes beyond the limits of government and does not reach society. The participants of the session came to the conclusion that, in the context of the deterioration of relations with the West, China and Russia need to update the information exchange system, make it of high quality meeting all the modern requirements. 

The fifth Russian-Chinese conference of the Valdai Discussion Club, titled “Russia and China: Contemporary Development Challenges” was held in Shanghai on April 25-26. It was attended by more than 50 officials and leading experts from Russia and China.

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