Threat from the East. How the World Will Respond to the ISIS Threat

The hottest spot of the world today is the Middle East. Properly in the Middle East leading world players tested strategies, concepts, ideological formulas, their commitment to act and the real scale of the objectives. The current situation in the region has caught everyone by surprise; for the first time in many years it forced world powers to react to changes, and not to initiate and control them.

Newly-born "caliphate", prohibited in Russia as a terrorist organization (ISIS, IS, Daish - we have not even decided how to call it) has put the region and even the whole world in front of total and bloody redrawing.

The book you hold in your hands is Russia's first in-depth study of the ISIS phenomenon.

From this book you will learn:

Why and how ISIS appeared?

How ISIS structure allows coexistence of archaic and ultra-modern features?

What are specific threats of ISIS for the region, for Russia and for the entire world?

Can you defeat ISIS, or better to leave the Middle East alone?

What are the possible scenarios of events?

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