Developments in Central Asia: India-Kyrgyzstan Relations

Co-edited by Dr. Nivedita Das KunduDevelopments in Central Asia: India-Kyrgyzstan Relations aims at enabling a better understanding of India-Kyrgyz relations as well as about the region, providing valuable and timely insights into the contours of India and Central Asian state policies. The research was conducted through inter-disciplinary approaches giving comparative perspectives. The chapters in the book examine and debate various aspects providing literary discourses and present dynamics of the region focusing on possible challenges. The chapters also touch upon various policy objectives providing insight into the realities of the region, identifying possible directions on how to enhance the scope for cooperation and engagement. The themes are dexterously worked out with well documented data, based on primary sources. All the chapters in this volume have identified the convergences and divergences providing in-depth discussion on the contemporary relevance of the study. The chapters also provide an understanding on how to enhance the scope for cooperation and engagement with the region. Simultaneously, a critical assessment is highlighted and weak points are also discussed and identified.

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